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Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. is a website dedicated to Federal and Provincial inmates in search of pen pals.

Prison can be a lonely and isolated place.  Time tends to go by quite slow.  Contact with the outside world can become lost.  Some inmates may not have anyone at all, making communication with the outside world almost non-existant.

Through this website, the hope is to form a pathway of communication through letter writing between inmates and the outside world.

By inmates maintaining communication with society through pen pals, it may decrease the chance of institutionalization.  It may also be a pro-social method of reintegration and reduce the rate of recidivism.

These inmates are obviously incarcerated for a reason, each with their own story to tell.  Please take the time to get to know one.

Feel free to browse through the Inmate Members.  If you would like to write to any of the Inmate Members, you can do so by writing to them directly at the institution address they have provided. The address is located beside each inmate's picture.

Mike Bullard Interview
"BEYOND THE BARS" with Mike Bullard courtesy of Canadian Inmates Connect Inc.  Click the play button to listen to various Inmates and Guests.
Inmate Guest: Doc
Inmate Guest: Mark
Inmate Guest: Alia
Inmate Guest: Fab
Inmate Guest: Bruce
Inmate Guest: Mikey
Inmate Guest: Anthony
Inmate Guest: Vato
Inmate Guest: Trevor
Inmate Guest: Mike
Inmate Guest: James
Inmate Guest: Sabrina
Inmate Guest: Shawn
Inmate Guest: John
Inmate Guest: Steve
Guest: Catt
Guest: Jann Arden
Inmate Guest: Jason
Host "Vinnie" speaks with Melissa
Update: Daniel was released to a maximum security prison 2 weeks later.



Host "John Moore" speaks with Jerry Balone
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